01. Football star O. J. Simpson was [acquitted] of the murder of his wife following a lengthy trial.
02. The parents of the young girl who was found raped and murdered were totally outraged by the [acquittal] of the man who was the police's prime suspect.
03. The suspect was [acquitted] by the jury due to a lack of evidence.
04. Psychiatrist John McGeorge once observed that a woman has a much better chance than a man of [acquittal] on a murder charge, and if she happens to be a blonde, her chances rise about 45 percent.
05. The defense lawyer in the case is asking for a complete [acquittal] of his client because the prime witness in the case was pressured into testifying against him by police.
06. Boris Federov was initially convicted on a charge of manslaughter, but was later [acquitted] on appeal.
07. The [acquittal] of the police officers involved in the severe beating of Rodney King triggered huge riots in Los Angeles a few years ago.
08. The jury voted 9 to 3 in favor of [acquittal].
09. Initially charged with 3 counts of murder and one of attempted murder, the accused was eventually [acquitted] on all but the count of attempted murder.
10. The accused murderer was [acquitted] because the judge said that he was mentally ill, and therefore couldn't be held responsible for his actions.
11. Even the lawyers for the defense were somewhat surprised when their client was [acquitted] of all charges.
12. In 1735, a New York editor was [acquitted] of libel, thereby establishing the concept of freedom of the press.
13. Juvenal observed that by the verdict of his own heart, no guilty man is [acquitted].
14. The crown has decided to appeal the defendant's [acquittal] of the charge of murder.
15. He was charged with murder but was [acquitted] because the only witness to the crime died and couldn't testify.

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